Temperature sensor ultra-high frequency RFIDJTU11T10

    • JTU11T10 is an ultra-high frequency RFID tag chip with high sensitivity and low power consumption, which is full compatible with Gen2 protocol and 18000-6 Type C protocol.
    • JTU11T10 contains a high sensitive temperature sensor. When the chip enters the work field strength, the sensor can automatically monitor and store the current temperature


    • Compatible with ISO 18000-6 Type C protocol standard
    • Compatible with EPC Class-1 Generation-2 protocol standard
    • Support high sensitive temperature sensor
    • Support as much as 480 bits EPC encoding space
    • Support 64-bit unique tag identification code (TID) space
    • Support 192-bit user space
    • Support the storage of 10 groups of temperature data
    • Support 32-bit inactivation code
    • Support 32-bit access password
    • Data reading sensitivity is as low as: -18dBm
    • Data storage by the memory: 10 years
    • Memory rewrite times: more than 100,000
    • Operating temperature range: - 40°C to +85°C